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Biological Biogas
Desulfurization Systems

Hochreiter’s name stands for highest reliability  and efficiency. As a biogas plant and equipment manufacturer and planner, Hochreiter is now one of the world’s leading, innovative and established full-service providers.

Biological biogas desulphurization process is one of the Hochreiter’s outstanding product. Our technology involves a bio-trickling filter to remove H₂S from biogas, which is corrosive to CHP units or boilers.

Why biological System ?

Cargill Biogas Desulphurization Project 200 Nm3/h Biyogaz - 8.000 ppm H₂S Bursa/Turkey
  • Environmental friendly solution

  • No use of chemicals only nutrient
    addition for bacteria

  • Nutrient can be supplied from liquid

  • Low operation cost

For each project tailor made design ,
high quality solutions with 25 years of experience.


Our Features?

  • Integration to the existing biogas plant with

        expertise on plant engineering

  • High quality, low blocking, specially

        designed packing material

  • Flexible design for CRP or PP column material

  • Reliable automation system for process

        and operation safety

  • Optional supply of complementary units

        (e.g. gas holder, biogas dewatering,

         activated carbon)

  • Efficient design up to 90-95% sulphur removal

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