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Ödemiş Integrated Solid Waste Plant

Integrated Solid Waste Plants


About the project

As Hochreiter Biyogaz, we have provided engineering services for the Özce Solid Waste Disposal Facility established in the Ödemiş region of Izmir. This project involves initially taking the region's waste to a mechanical separation plant to segregate valuable recyclable materials. Additionally, the separated organic fraction is efficiently converted into biogas using dry type (Plug-Flow) anaerobic digesters. The produced biogas is then transformed into electricity and heat energy.

Hochreiter Biogas has been involved in many aspects of the Özce Solid Waste Disposal Facility project, from planning and feasibility studies to installation supervision.

Project Details

Facility Type

Integrated Solid Waste Plants


Year Built




Waste Types

  • Municipal Solid Waste

Özce İnşaat

Property Location

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