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Pepsico Fritolay Manisa Biogas Facility OWM Project

Industrial Waste Biogas Plants

300 m³/h Biomethane

About the project

PepsiCo has set a precedent in Turkey with the biomethanation facility implemented in its Manisa factory, producing biomethane from organic waste.

Through this project, all factory wastes are converted into biogas using an anaerobic digester. The produced biogas is then separated from carbon dioxide in the biomethanation facility, elevating it to approximately 98% methane levels. This natural gas equivalent biomethane can be directly used for the factory's needs.

As Hochreiter Biyogaz, we have completed the project on a turnkey basis and successfully commissioned it without any issues.

Project Details

Facility Type

Industrial Waste Biogas Plants


Year Built



300 m³/h Biomethane

Waste Types

  • Sewage Sludge

  • Starch and Potato Waste


Property Location

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