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Sütaş Aksaray Biogas Plant Expansion Project

Agricultural Waste Biogas Plants


About the project

The expansion of the existing Sütaş Aksaray Biogas Plant from a capacity of 3.2 MW to 6.4 MW has been completed by us. The capacity increase was achieved with the addition of 3 new digesters. The new digesters, designed to be the same size as the existing ones, have also maintained the visual integrity of the facility. Unlike the old ones, the new digesters use Hochreiter's patented paddle Tsunami mixers, providing a solution that is long-lasting and energy-efficient.

With this project, the wastes of the Sütaş Aksaray Factory have been converted into electrical energy, and at the same time, it has contributed to meeting the factory's heating needs.

Project Details

Facility Type

Agricultural Waste Biogas Plants


Year Built




Waste Types

  • Cattle Manure

  • Chicken manure

  • Vegetable Wastes

Sütaş Süt Ürünleri A.Ş.

Property Location

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