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Seleda Fermented Product Treatment Plant

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Plants

425 tons/day Wastewater

About the project

The treatment plant, a part of the Seleda Biogas Plant whose construction was undertaken by Hochreiter Biyogaz, was established to address seasonal problems associated with the spraying of liquid fermented product, an output of the biogas facility. While the liquid fermented product is utilized in agricultural lands in the region where the facility is located, during periods when it is not needed in the vicinity of the plant, the treatment facility can be used to bring it up to discharge standards.

The construction coordination of the compost facility, which we handled as Hochreiter Biyogaz, was established in partnership with A3 Water Solutions GmbH.

Project Details

Facility Type

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Plants


Year Built



425 tons/day Wastewater

Waste Types

  • Liquid Fermented Product

Seleda Biogas

Property Location

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