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Seleda Biogas Plant

Integrated biogas and fertilizer production in Babaeski, Kırklareli

Seleda Biogas, aligned with a "zero waste" vision, has been established in 2017 in the district of Babaeski, Kırklareli, on a 200,000 m² area with a capacity of 4.268 MW. It has come to life as one of Europe's largest integrated biogas and fertilizer production facilities and has commenced operations.

At Hochreiter Biogas, we provided services in the installation of the biogas plant, compost, and treatment facilities. A key feature of the Seleda Biogas Facility is the transformation of organic waste from the surrounding area into energy, with a portion of this energy being utilized in compost, fertilizer production, and treatment facilities. The output of the integrated facility is processed in the fertilizer production plant established as part of the same project and is offered for sale as packaged organomineral fertilizer.

Environmentally friendly energy and fertilizer production center

The 4.3 MW biogas energy plant, established by Seleda Biogas Energy A.Ş. in Babaeski, Kırklareli, stands out as an environmentally friendly energy production center. This facility converts animal waste and fresh plant materials into renewable energy, and will produce a significant amount of electricity and heat energy annually. Additionally, by producing solid and liquid fertilizers, it contributes to the agriculture sector. This 40 million Turkish Lira investment is noteworthy as a step that supports sustainability in both the energy and agricultural fields.


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